An interview with the creative minds behind Malibu-based Sjobeck, Jesseray Vasquez and Garret Gerson


We recently caught up with Jesseray and Garrett to find out more about the brand that we love so much.  Both Garrett and Jesseray are uniquely sweet, funny and enthusiastic about what they do.  It’s contagious!



Where are your items made and how?  We are 100% made in America.  We make our own textiles and have our own factory where we produce our collection in downtown Los Angeles.

What do you take most pride in about your line?  I think we take most pride in the construction of detail in our garments.  We use couture techniques on a contemporary level such as french seams, hand binding and hand sewn buttons etc.

What inspired you to start this line?  Jesseray was going to become a lawyer but after school, he joined forces with best friend, Garrett, to start Sjobeck.  Garrett’s grandmother gave us the seed money to start the line after she passed away.  Her one condition was that the line had to be American made.  Garrett’s grandmother’s unique “old Malibu” style inspires the collection, season after season.

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?  Jesseray is from Northern California and moved to Malibu to attend Pepperdine University and never left, currently residing in Malibu.  Garrett is an original Malibite.  Born and raised in Malibu, he embodies the essence of Malibu’s laid-back luxury style which is Sjobeck style.

How long have you been in this business and what did you do before you started this line?  Garrett and I have been in the industry for 5 years.  Jesseray: “This has been my first job out of college so this is the only full-time job i’ve had.”  Garrett – “I ran my family’s high-end event production business in Malibu which I continue to do.  Additionally, I runs all bars and restaurants the family business owns throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Malibu, Santa Monica and Simi Valley.”

Current lines or items you are loving right now?  I’m really obsessed with Rag & Bone!!! They have amazing pieces that have great detail but aren’t overly designed.  I like to think Sjobeck is the female version of Rag & Bone (even though they have women’s, their women’s isn’t as feminine as Sjobeck).

Favorite item in your line?  My favorite item in our line is our loose knit sweater.  This piece is such an easy piece if you just want to run out the house or dress it up to be a little bit more sophisticated by pairing it up with light colored pants (grey, white, khaki etc).

Where do you see your line in five years?  I see Sjobeck on level with Rag & Bone and having our own stores in only the major cities across the world.  It’s exciting to see it growing the way it has and I look forward to seeing it evolve with our current boutiques.


The guys behind Sjobeck!



The LA warehouse.


We absolutely love the pieces these guys come up with -shop for them here!

Fabulous Fall

It’s definitely a bit strange to buy Fall clothes in March, but for those in the boutique business, buying happens 3-4 months ahead of time.  It’s always a little bit weird to be making decisions on coats and fall tweeds when springtime shorts have not even made it out onto the shop floor!

This last market trip was no different…my favorite lines were Theory (no surprise), 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent (I am such a big fan of how they mix feminine with the masculine elements), Kooba handbags continue to make me long for each style that they show me, AG cords (coming early in the season) are not a thing of the past but a precursor to what my fall wardrobe will be built around.  Last but not least are Liebeskind boots straight from Berlin (we currently carry a ton of their bags which we LOVE), Alice and Olivia printed tops that will make you feel like you need to throw a party and Sjobeck (JesseRay and Garrett really know how to present a collection that is elegant, fun and fashion forward).

Some pictures to get you in the Fall mood…although let’s not rush it.